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Why not, Check Out My Band Too

Well, since SpiralSlave just did it for his as well, I figured I might as well join the club and get in on the action.
Unfortunately my band has been together for over 3 years now and has yet to record a good quality demo in a studio. We've got our self-recorded/produced demo from summer 2005, but it's highly inferior to what we're capable of these days, so we've got 4 live audio recordings from when we opened for Doro and Chris Caffery back in June 2007. They're not amazing quality, but definately good enough to get a good idea of what's going on. Also, we've got a bunch of videos up on the page as well from a show we did over the summer. I think you can see even more of them if you search our name on YouTube, including a video of us doing Maiden's Wasted Years.
I figured I'd do this because I commonly post reviews of our shows up on this site but never links to our myspace so you can actually hear what we sound like. Check it out, and any constructive feedback will be appreciated.
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