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Heaven And Hell -- London, UK -- November 10th, 2007

Venue: Wembley Arena

Iced Earth
19:00 - 19:30

Motivation of Man >
Setian Massacre
Burning Times >
Declaration Day
My Own Savior
Charge To Keep
Ten Thousand Strong

Lamb of God
19:45 - 20:30

Walk With Me In Hell
Now You've Got Something To Die For
Laid To Rest
Black Label

Heaven And Hell
21:00 - 22:40

The Mob Rules
Children of The Sea
The Sign of The Southern Cross
Voodoo >
Computer God
Falling of The Edge of The World
Die Young
Heaven And Hell
Shadow of The Wind
Neon Knights

1/12 Judas Priest
3/12 Deep Purple
5/12 Dan Patlansky
11/12 Dead Daisies

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