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Originally Posted by Spiral_Slave View Post
01. 10,000 WaysTo Die
02. Tool Of The Devil
03. Roots Of Anger
04. Forth Into The Black
05. Holding On To My Pain
06. Break The Emotion
07. Forevermore
08. Swirled
09. Until We Touch The Burning Sun
Pretty lame IMO... Cool to see Break the Emotion, but I expected Forth Into the Black and Tool of the Devil. Also it's good to see that they're doing their best song as an encore.
On the downside, they're doing 5 songs from Evolution 4.0, which I feel is a big step backwards for them and a big dissapointment. It doesn't help that they're not even doing the best song on the album, Face In the Mirror.

Originally Posted by Spiral_Slave View Post
Nocturnal Rites

01. Call Out To The World
02. Never Again
03. Shadowland
04. Never Trust
05. Not The Only
06. New World Messiah
07. Cuts Like A Knife
08. Strong Enough
09. Iron Force
10. Fire Comes To Ice
11. Against The World
12. Afterlife
13. Fools Never Die
Not a bad set, just a few complaints:
-Cuts Like a Knife is probably the worst song NR have ever done. Unfortunately it seems like they're going to play it indefinately now. They should be playing something like Deliverance, Still Alive, or Never Ending instead.
-As expected with them doing a 13 song set, there's some great stuff missed out on. In addition to the songs mentioned above, I'd love to see Avalon, Wake Up Dead, Never Die, Not Like You, and many others.
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