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Enslaved -- Allentown, PA -- November 6th, 2007

Overall, this show was outstanding and a great tour package might I add. Arsis' sound was dead on and the new song made me quite happy. Darren Cesca or whatever the hell his last name is, is a beast behind the kit and will only make their new album that much better. Enslaved playing As Fire Swept Clean The Earth made my night. If anyone has the chance to catch this tour, I wholeheartedly recomend seeing it.

Enslaved (Partial and not in order)

Path To Vanir
Fusion Of Sense And Earth
??????? (Possibly the only song I'm missing)
Violent Dawning
Return To Yggdrasil
As Fire Swept Clean The Earth
Allfadr Odinn (I'm pretty sure at least, I know it was a song off the Emperor split that wasn't Slaget)
Either Svarte Vidder or Gylfaginning (Some song off Frost that they usually don't play)

Arsis (In order)
The Face Of My Innocence
The Sadistic Motives Behind Bereavement Letters
The Promise Of Never
A Cold Resistance
New Song (Which sounded outstanding)
Carnal Ways To Recreate The Heart
A Diamond For Disease

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