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Originally Posted by es156 View Post
I knew as soon as I saw Into Eternity listed this morning that you would flip out. Not that I don't agree with you, because I do. I have (unfortunately) seen them 3 or 4 times in the last two years. When they opened for Edguy in Chicago, the singer said that this would be their last tour for their current release, and half the crowd cheered. It was rather amusing.
I'd give anything to be in audiences that gave them a cold shoulder. Usually the audiences around here embrace them, which only feeds their silly little stage egos. I've never been more disgusted hearing someone brag about how "metal and deserving" they were to be up there.
As I mentioned, this will be #5 for me, and if you look at the bands I've seen them with, something just doesn't add up:
3.Gamma Ray
5.Symphony X

The thing that annoys me is that there's a massive abundance of great possible support acts out there, great new-er bands that would be beautifully appropriate for some of these shows... why can't someone bring Nocturnal Rites? Astral Doors? Masterplan? Bloodbound?
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