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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Indeed. Normally they play 70 minutes. This time it was 90. We lost out on two songs which are being played elsewhere on the tour (I Wanna Be Somebody and Hate To Love Me). I think the second half varies depending on local curfews.

Not true. There are three. Thus:

3. Those who have realised that
a) Crimson Idol is not their finest work because in reality all the songs have the same riff and the same lyrics
b) The Headless Children is their best album
c) Helldorado blows (this may actually be a feature of all three kinds of W.A.S.P. fans)
d) Unholy Terror, Dominator and Dying For The World are all great albums and are ridiculously overlooked.
e) The Neon God was a desperate attempt at recreating The Crimson Idol. This was mostly obvious because it had all the same riffs and the same lyrics.

How can Dominator be overlooked when it's only been out for five minutes, you ask? On the "Dominator World Tour" they played one song from the album at two shows. That was all. On this tour, which is the first tour since the album's release, they play one song. If that's not overlooking your new album, I don't know what is!


I'm going out on a limb and saying I'm probably the biggest W.A.S.P. fan here. Seriously. Love 'em. But The Crimson Idol really isn't their best album. Great story, but such a repetative record. This really comes out live. A song ends, the lights go down, the lights come back up and the same riffs starts again. Bor-ing. The encore was enjoyable purely because we finally got to hear some real riffs!

On the plus side the Scotti Hill/Jack Frost hyrbid Doug Blair has really come into his own. He's still no Darrell Roberts, but he's good enough.

This tour really needed a two hour set, which is what their PR rep told me they'd be playing. A full hour of other songs, with more from the new album, especially as they change the stage backdrops to the Dominator cover, would have made it a great show. I love this band, but they're so fucking lazy.

Would you say "Electric Circus" is worth getting?
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