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Danzig -- San Francisco, CA -- November 2nd, 2007

I Luciferi
Black Mass
Brand New God
Satan's Crucifiction
Do You Wear The Mark
How The Gods Kill
Pain Is Like Animal
Lady Lucifer
Circle Of Snakes
Crawl Across Your Killing Floor
Her Black Wings
(air raid siren)
Bringer Of Death
Twist Of Cain

encore with Doyle:
We Bite

This was my first Danzig show. The setlist is what i can remember (correct me if im wrong on anything). Overall a very fun show, but 2 of the opening bands; Suicidal City and Horror Pops, didn't impress me very much. SC seemed like they thought if you just played your crappy music really loud people would mosh to it, which didn't really work. Not to mention the singer kept jumping around on the stage doing cartwheels and hopping like a frog. It was a bit sad to say the least . Then came Gorgeous Frankenstien which had Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstien as their guitarist. I liked them, and thought they deserved to be before Danzig. Doyle was amazing as always. Horrorpops was next and the lead singer sounded like she was singing karaoke and kept acting like the whole crowd would know their tarantino soundtrack-esque guitar ladened songs, which they didn't. Sadly i think the audience was more into them then GF though, . Anyway, then after a 45 min set change Danzig came out with a sling. Despite his apparent injury, he sang with great enthusiasm. The first few tracks the sound was messed up on though, which kinda sucked but it was fixed relatively quickly. In the middle of the show, Danzig started to chat with the crowd a bit, and some guy yelled "armored beast" and Danzig was like "how did you know that" and said something else to but i couldn't quite make it out. He seemed very into the show, which was nice. Towards the end of the show 'zig and crew left the stage and there was this big air raid siren (which at risk of being called a pussy i will admit i was scared at first that it was a earthquake drill due to its suddenness, but that fear soon diaspeared ) He then came out with Bringer of Death(possibly the siren was b4 her black wings, i can't quite remember), Twist of Cain and of course Mother, all of which got the entire crowd standing and singing with. It was a great end to the show. And then, what topped it all off was Doyle coming out for an encore of Misfits songs which were really amazing. I must say I was a little disappointed though, he gave the crowd a choice between Astro Zombie and SKulls, and they went with Skulls, but AZ is my fave song. Oh well, overall a great show
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