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Originally Posted by theclansman1114 View Post
If any of you don't know, I am a huge Gamma Ray fan.
Hmmm, what gave this away? Your Kai Hansen avatar? Your "Anywhere In the Galaxy" location? Your "One day you realize, it's right before your eyes" signature quote? Your "Dethrone Tyranny" user description? Or the poster of Kai Hansen you keep above your bed (not to mention the wallet sized photos and life size cardboard cut out you don't let most people know about) ?

Originally Posted by theclansman1114 View Post
Gamma Ray definitely made this sound like Land of the Free Part II, which was my biggest concern. Sometimes when bands do a part II album so far removed from the original it tends to sound more like the previous album musically but will have the lyrical content to back the part II idea. But no, Gamma Ray didn't let this become Majestic II.
Queensryche anyone?
Holy crap, you just referenced Queensryche. Even if you didn't want to you did, and now you have to live with it.

Originally Posted by theclansman1114 View Post
This album will definitely rank in my top 3 for 2007, if not #1.
Don't put too much faith in this statement, he bought about 5 new releases in 2007 thus far.

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