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Originally Posted by ADD View Post
Yeah they change it up constantly, 10 songs though is kinda shorter than I expected. Still I'd be thrilled to see that played next Friday, though I'm sure it'll be different. "White's Ferry" though, gotta keep that.
That's probably my least favorite song on the album -- along with Shiny Mr. Cadillackness -- but both were surprisingly good live.

As you say, length is the biggest disappointment; I was expecting the "co-headline" tour that was originally announced, instead of this heavily abbreviated "opener" set. And as much as I enjoy the new album, I haven't seen them since they were touring for Elephant Riders, opening for Maiden and Monster Magnet. So to get exactly 1 song that didn't come out within the last 6 months is... well, a little wack.

I should not neglect to mention, however, that "Rapture of Ridley Walker" kicked tremendous ass.
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