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This album is fucking fantastic. If any of you don't know, I am a huge Gamma Ray fan. I had very high expectations for this album and it met all of them. The production on the album is much better than Majestic and sounds like the great production Gamma Ray had in the past before Majestic. Kai's voice actually sounds better than it did on Majestic, which was a big concern of mine. The guitar work on the album is very good, very Gamma Ray really. Gamma Ray definitely made this sound like Land of the Free Part II, which was my biggest concern. Sometimes when bands do a part II album so far removed from the original it tends to sound more like the previous album musically but will have the lyrical content to back the part II idea. But no, Gamma Ray didn't let this become Majestic II.

Overall the album has a lot of good/great songs and then a few amazing songs. With Insurrection, Opportunity, When The World being those. Insurrection was the song I was looking forward to most, considering I heard a clip in advance and knew it was a Kai super epic. If you like Heading For Tomorrow or Rebellion In Dreamland, you'll love this. This album will definitely rank in my top 3 for 2007, if not #1.
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