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Clutch -- Detroit, MI -- November 1st, 2007

Clutch's set (opening for Coheed & Cambria):

You Can't Stop Progress
Power Player
The Rapture of Ridley Walker
Shiny Mr. Cadillackness
King of Arizona
The Mob Goes Wild
White's Ferry
Black Umbrella
Electric Worry
One Eye Dollar

Well... I mean I like the new album, and it turned out to be a good set. Some of the new songs that I wouldn't have picked to see turned out to be much better live than on the disc (White's Ferry, Shiny Mr. Cadillackness).

Still... wasn't this originally announced as a co-headlining tour? I didn't think it was a good omen when the marquee out front said "COHEED & CAMBRIA wsg/ clutch". Nevertheless I was pretty dumbfounded that they only played 10 songs, and that 8 out of 10 were off the new album. No Robot Hive, no Elephant Riders, no self-titled, and only one track off Blast Tyrant.... What's up with that?

Fall of Troy was all right. I like their stuff a lot, but the flashy guitarist dude is far too conscious of being "flashy guitarist dude" for his own good. They did 6 or 7 songs, including 3 off the new album (which were the only ones I could identify): Cut Down All the Trees and Name the Streets After Them, Ex-Creations, and Sledgehammer.

Coheed & Cambria were very good. Set heavy on new material, and I don't have the new album yet, so I can't re-create the set list. I'd say they did about 3 songs each off their earlier albums. They also threw in an impeccable rendition of "The Trooper," which they played with apparent relish. All in all, 'twas quite a fun show, despite certain disappointments.
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