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Originally Posted by es156 View Post
You know how much I like QR, but this CD is really cringe-worthy. Tracks 2-5 are completely bizarre. And I didn't really even like their cover of Neon Knights that much. Geoff has an excellent voice, but it is not well-suited to trying to cover other singers. I saw them do Bullet The Blue Sky in concert back in 2000 and it was actually really cool (except for the ridiculous, profanity-laden rant in the middle). But hearing QR do For The Love Of Money was just painful.

Just as a point of reference, I think that the Rush cover album is bad as well. But I didn't really like any of those songs much to begin with. I think the only cover album that I actually like is the Sabbath CD (NIB).
Chalk it up to different tastes. Rush's cover CD is one of the few from them I listen to with any regularity I don't know, I didn't think 2-5 were bizarre. "Heaven On Their Minds" felt very QR appropriate, and "For What's It Worth" was a good cover. I've heard that covered so many times, and this is the first time I've even heard even a small change in the chorus... and I like it. The only one I really don't like is, "For The Love of Money" - but I've never liked that song. Frankly, I just find it amusing that it's covered. I think their covers of "Welcome to the Machine" and "Innuendo" were both really good. And while I don't really care for "Neon Knights" (sorry, but it's retarded cheesy) or Geoff's singing on it, I thought the band did a very good job with the music. I actually heard them play "Synchronicity II" - and I've never heard the song before. If I didn't know it was a cover, I would've just guessed it's a random QR song I haven't heard. As for the rest... I've never heard "Red Rain" but I like it, and I'm gonna have to look up the original. The Italian opera was interesting, and I'm looking forward to hearing it on the CD, because the stream quality is very iffy. And finally, I've heard their U2 cover plenty of times on boots, and thought it sounded good here... and Geoff's rant on this one, at least, is far less crazy then other ones I remember.

Except for a song or two, I dig this collection, and considering it's only like $10... I think it's a fun little side thing QR has done, and I'm hoping they cover more of these songs live.
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