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This is a disappointing setlist. I love Behemoth, so almost any of their setlists are good - but, this is their first real "headlining" tour of the U.S. (Even if they are co-headlining with JFAC). Why not make it better?

Where's "Pure Evil and Hate", which I hear they regularly play when headlining?

Oh, and by the way, are you sure that it wasn't "Summoning (Of The Ancient Ones)" that was played, instead of "Summoning of the Ancient Gods"?

They regularly play Summoning (Of The Ancient Ones). Actually, many of the videos on YouTube labeled Summoning Of The Ancient Gods, is Ancient Ones mislabeled. People seem to confuse them regularly - but they are different songs.

I'm glad to see Decade of Therion, when I first looked I didn't see it.

I'll probably be going to see this when it comes by in mid-November. I can't wait.

Next tour, they have to play At The Left Hand Ov God or Arcana Herticae, off The Apostasy.


...Wait, how long did they play for?

Because, I just added up those tracks.

Unless the drum solo was LONG, that can't possibly be complete. I did the math, and my calculations didn't even reach a full hour. Minus drum solo, it's roughly 50 minutes - definitely not enough for a headliner. I thought that set seemed a little short.

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