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Korn in Seattle

I agree that Politics and Hypocrites are not "classic" Korn songs. The others I listed are classic stuff in my opinion.

I think Korn just can't get away with playing a 15 song set. Their catalog is too big and fan expectations of them are too high.

When you look at the setlist above, consider the fact that entire albums are left off of the set. Not a single song from "Take A Look In The Mirror"? Not a single song from "Life is Peachy"?

Korn has enormous potential. I will definitely catch their show again when they come back to Seattle. I'm not knocking the band. Any band that utilizes a chrome microphone stand designed by HR Giger --complete with perky chrome nipples-- is obviously doing something right.

I just wanted to hear those quintessential Korn songs that you expect everytime you see them, rather than mediocre tracks off the new album such as "Kiss".
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