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Between The Buried And Me -- Philadelphia, PA -- October 30th, 2007

Before I dive into my short review, let just just say that The First Unitarian Chruch in Philly gets really hot, really fast, and for this show, instead of being up front, headbanging and singing along, I stayed in the back and I was STILL dying; just take note if any of you plan on going to any shows there. And second off, I go to school here and have only been her 2 months, I'm from New York, and I'm used to almost everything beign 24 hours. I do not see any sense in the last subway ride being at 12:30 at night, it just causes problems and I'm sure the public transporation authority would make money even at obscure hours of the night (I'd much rather take a longer subway ride then pay a for a fucking cab).They played all of Colors live, I read on some of their other shows they came back and played Selkies but I had to rush out of their in order to catch a subway. Regardless, seeing all of Colors live was just asboluetly outstanding, so far, for me at least, it's by far album of the year. The musicianship of this band is just so unreal, I've been to many, many, many shows, but it just completly blew my mind that no one's arms fell off during this (for those of you that don't know, the album is a little over an hour long). All the sweeping, all the blast beats, and the bass solo were all included and just great. If your in New York, go see that shit tonight, it's out of this world.
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