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I felt like doing another one of these just for my own amusment.

Night 1:
Hibria (30 minutes)
1.Steel Lord on Wheels
2.Change Your Lifeline
3.Millenium Quest
4.Living Under Ice
5.Stare At Yourself

Thunderstone(45 minutes)
1.Tool of the Devil
2.Eyes of a Stranger
3.Face in the Mirror
4.Feed the Fire
5.Like Father Like Son
6.Forth Into the Black
7.Land of Innocence
8.Until We Touch the Burning Sun

Tad Morose (60 minutes)
1.Servant of the Bones
2.Sword of Retribution
3.No Mercy
4.Matters of the Dark
5.Afraid to Die
6.Another Time Around
7.Clearly Insane
8.I Know Your Name
9.When the Spirit Rules the World
10.No Tears in the Rain
12.Corporate Masters

Dungeon (60 minutes)
1.A Rise to Power
2.Better Man
3.The Power Within
4.Insanity's Fall
5.Wake Up
6.Fire of Time
7.The Hunger
8.The Legend of Huma
9.Against the Wind
10.The Other Side
12.The Final Chapter

Edguy (80 minutes)
2.Golden Dawn
3.We Don't Need a Hero
4.Wasted Time
5.Vain Glory Opera
6.Down to the Devil
7.Land of the Miraclee
8.New Age Messiah
9.Fallen Angels
10.Out of Vogue
11.Wings of a Dream
12.The Piper Never Dies
13.Key to My Fate
14.Out of Control

Night 2:
Bloodbound (30 minutes)
1.Sign of the Devil
2.The Tempter
3.Metal Monster
4.Into Eternity
5.On the Battlefield
6.Behind the Moon

Firewind (45 minutes)
3.Steal Them Blind
4.Ready to Strike
5.Brother's Keeper
6.Till the End of Time
7.I Am the Anger
8.Between Heaven and Hell
9.Falling to Pieces

Primal Fear (60 minutes)
1.Sign of Fear
3.Face the Emptiness
4.Suicide and Mania
5.Nuclear Fire
6.Seven Seals
7.Mind Control
8.Fighting the Darkness
9.The Healer
10.Demons and Angels
11.Lightyears From Home
12.Final Embrace / Angel in Black (reprise)

Nocturnal Rites (60 minutes)
1.New World Messiah
2.Fools Never Die
3.Call Out to the World
4.Still Alive
6.Never Die
7.Never Ending
8.Never Again
9.Iron Force

Gamma Ray (80 minutes)
1.Dethrone Tyranny
2.Gardens of the Sinner
4.Guardians of Mankind
5.Land of the Free
6.Heaven Can Wait
7.One With the World
8.Blood Religion
9.Heaven or Hell
10.Rebellion in Dreamland
11.Watcher In the Sky
12.Send Me a Sign
14.Somewhere Out In Space
15.Last Before the Storm

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