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Bridge School Benefit -- Mountain View, CA -- October 27th, 2007

Saturday me and a bunch of friends went to see the Bridge School Benefit gig at the Shoreline in Mountain View, one of the lamest concerts I've been to and probably the only time I wish I had been somewhere else that night (namely the Ghoul/Hatchet show happening across the Bay, I'm such a retard for not going to that instead ). Got to the venue at around 6 PM, we hung out by my car till I think like 8 or so (I hear we missed Tegan & Sara, Regina Spektor, and Eddie Vedder I think), then we walked up and found some cheap tickets from scalpers and went in. One of the guys who we were with actually happened to be a cop, which was fucking awesome cuz he didn't care at all and was a super rad guy So yeah we got in just as Tom Waits and his group were starting, perfect timing. Don't really remember anything from his set, he did these weird moves on stage while he sang which was pretty trippy, watched most of his set from the handicap area where I think we spent most of his set talking to this guy in a wheelchair who was only there for Metallica. Screaming "WHIPLASH!" half the night was probably the most fun we had I think once we actually got inside the place. After Tom we met up with a big group of friends and kicked it on the lawn, and pretty much just chilled and did shit there the rest of the time. Neil Young was alright, didn't play "Rockin' In The Free World" though, and Jerry Lee Lewis was the gayest shit ever. By the time Metallica came on I was already coming down and felt pretty tired so I can't say I really enjoyed their set, although when they started the Nazareth cover "Please Don't Judas Me" I got momentarily ecstatic cuz that was such a huge shocking surprise out of nowhere, one of the coolest songs tunes of the 70's. As soon as I recognized it after the first couple notes I got out my phone to text my friend who had gone down closer for Metallica, and right then I get a text from him that's like "DUDE NAZARETH!" "Turn The Page" was the other highlight, and their acoustic version of "Disposable Heroes" was strange but neat I guess, didn't recognize what it was until the singing started. Started walking back to the car as they went into "Nothing Else Matters", they didn't play anything after that anyways apparently. Woulda been sweet if they did their cover of "Tuesday's Gone". So in total the non-concert related parts of the night were alright, but the show itself wasn't up to par, so I still felt like it was a waste of a Saturday night. Happens.

Here's the Metallica set for those who didn't see it on Blabbermouth:

01. I Just Want To Celebrate (RARE EARTH)
02. Please Don't Judas Me (NAZARETH)
03. Only Happy When It Rains (GARBAGE)
04. Brothers In Arms (DIRE STRAITS)
05. Disposable Heroes
06. All Within My Hands
07. Turn The Page (BOB SEGER)
08. Nothing Else Matters
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