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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
I'm only interested because it means more shows. This is a major cash grab and will likely tarnish their legacy. You don't release three basically classic albums and then come back when you're old and rewrite those songs with different chord progressions and lyrics.
Touring is the last thing I'm concerned about. As awesome as the DVD is, I still am not really itching to see it live for myself, as the show would likely be boring as all fuck unless you were right up front.

And "tarnishing their legacy" is irrelevent. There really is no such thing as a Black Sabbath legacy at this point. Just about every one who liked some erao of their career hates another, so just about everyone will claim that this has already been done at some point in the past.

To me, there's no downside to this. If it wasn't happening, this would be our options:
1.Another Dio solo album, which based on most of his later releases, I really don't care about.
2.Tony and Geezer get back together with Ozzy and do 5 more years of forgetable Ozzfest tours and either never record together again or record a disgraceful album.

Those options in mind, I don't care if they get back together and do an album, because even if it's mediocre, it's still fairly good and enjoyable new music.
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