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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
I completely saw this coming. I think it was obvious when you watch the Heaven and Hell DVD that those 4 guys really loved playing together again and that it would probably go somewhere.

But Brad, you are mistaken on two counts.

1.The new songs were quite good I thought. "The Devil Cried" was pretty mediocre, but I think "Ear in the Wall" and "Shadow of the Wind" were quite good.
2.Sabbath released a handful of great albums post-Dio era. The Tony Martin era albums are far too overlooked for how good they are. TYR and The Headless Cross are remarkable albums IMO.
I'm only interested because it means more shows. This is a major cash grab and will likely tarnish their legacy. You don't release three basically classic albums and then come back when you're old and rewrite those songs with different chord progressions and lyrics.
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