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Beyond Fear/Iced Earth/Demons and Wizards/Blind Guardian

How about a show where each band has at least one member who plays in the next band?

Beyond Fear

Scream Machine
Jugulator (JP cover)
..And you will die
Bullet Train (JP cover)
Dead Meat (JP cover)
The Human Race

Iced Earth

Burning Times
Pure Evil
The Hunter
Reflections/Ten Thousand Strong
Angel's Holocaust
Travel in Stygian
Dante's Inferno
Blessed are you
Something wicked trilogy
Iced Earth

Demons and Wizards

Rites of Passage/Heaven Denies
Terror Train
Path of Glory
Beneath the Waves
Blood on My Hands
The Gunslinger
Fiddler on the Green
My last Sunrise
Immigrant Song (LZ cover)

Blind Guardian

War of Wrath/Into the Storm
Banish from Sanctuary
Welcome to Dying
The Script for my Requiem
Time Stands Still
The Bard's song (In the forest AND the hobbit)
The Piper's Calling/Somewhere far beyond
Traveler in Time
Mordred's Song
Punishment Divine
And then there was Silence

Imaginations through the Other Side
And the Story Ends
Lord of the Rings
Mirror Mirror

would be a pretty sick show kind of long, but I mean cmon. In an interview one time, Ripper said they were actually thinking about doing this sometime...
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