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ENSLAVED Members Steal Politician's Sheep In Protest Over Illegal Music Downloading

Source: Blabbermouth

G4's The Feed reports: In a recent televised stunt, two members of Norwegian black metal band ENSLAVED stole a free-grazing sheep that were the property of politician/Liberal Party leader/farmer Lars Sponheim.

It seems Sponheim's Liberal Party has been advocating the legalization of all illicit Internet downloading. They say the business is already freely accessible and downloading should be legalized. ENSLAVED think that argument is weak and decided to prove it via stealing his sheep. They counter that that bands are just small businesses and legalizing free downloading is against everything the party claims to stand for. So you guys wanna steal our music, we'll steal your sheep. That's fair, right?

Turns out the stunt was staged as a part of the larger campaign against downloading called Piracy Kills Music that is being waged by Norwegian bands and other music industry members.

Oh, despite what you might assume, ENSLAVED did not eat the sheep. They set it free into the mountains.

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