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The Wildhearts -- New York, NY -- October 20th, 2007

Show was on board the "Rocks Off Concert Cruise Series" ship, and a very cool and unique experience to say the least. Very good, fun show, and the atmosphere was brilliant. Really glad I went. (Yes, I didn't feel like writing a lengthy review)

1.Greetings From Shitsville
2.Vanilla Radio
3.Tv Tan
4.Caffeine Bomb
6.Revolution Will Be Televised
8.Nita Nitro
10.Destroy all Monsters
11.Sick of Drugs
12.Love U till I Dont
13.The Hard Way
15.Rooting for the Bad Guy
16.Someone That Wont Let Me Go
17.29X The Pain
18.My Baby is a Headfuck
19.I Wanna Go Where the People Go

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