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Originally Posted by greenReaper View Post
So I was trying to find the set's for Behemoth, Job for a Cowboy, Gojira, and Beneath the Massacre, with no luck before the show. BUT NOW I've been so hopefully this will help someone else!!

Ocean Planet
song i didn't know
song i didn't know
Flying Whales
The Heaviest Matter of the Universe

Behemoth- Somewhat in order, sure I'm missing some
Rome 64 C.E.
Slaying the Prophets Ov Isa
Conquer All
song i didn't know
song i didn't know
Christgrinding Avenue
Slaves Shall Serve
As Above So Below
Christians to the Lions
song i didn't know
Closed with a cover song called I Got Erection

Pretty sure they played Antichristian Phenomenon and Chant for Eskhaton 2000.

Overall all Beneath the Massacre was decent, Gojira ruled, fucking epic with amazing energy especially considering it was their first show in Atlanta, Job for a Cowboy were pretty boring and rather generic, and Behemoth brought the fucking shredding and blast beats we'd all been waiting for. Anyone even slightly into metal needs to hit up this show
What show (date and location) did you attend?
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