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Originally Posted by neilpeartjr. View Post
You'd figure Disney would always book Nightwish on principle, with the Disney like feel to their music. This is some strange shit.
You would think. I thought for sure Nightwish would be allowed to play there. Someone at Disney didn't do their homework on this one.

Queensryche has a date at HoB Anaheim in February 2008. I wonder if that will happen or not. All the other ones (i.e. Suffocation, King Diamond) have been moved to the Galaxy. Haven't checked Orlando.

Disney doesn't care about the metal community but it does pay close attention to the Disney online community. There was some outrage expressed when Machine Head got cancelled, even by non-folks asking where exactly the line is. Kill Rap? Kill non-sappy C&W? The remnants of the Doors play there... given the history of those folks, why shouldn't they be banned too?
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