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Ozzfest 2007 at DTE

First off, i must start off by saying 2006 and 2007 so far have greatly increased my concert goings by atleast 1000 percent. Im 19 and have known about the glorified Ozzfest since i was 98, and each year ive wanted to go, whether for one band or none, but to be there was the experience that nobody forgets. And this was one was not going to disappoint. Before this show i had seen 36 shows in the last two years, and the notion of Ozzfest being this great event turned upside down. I have seen Judas Priest with Anthrax, Iron Maiden do there whole A Matter of Life and Death, Dimmu Borgir headline with Kataklysm and Devildriver as support, The Misfits with The Adicts, Destruction, Municipal Waste three times, Cradle of Filth, Paul Dianno going solo, Unholy Alliance tour 2006, SOTU 2007, and GWAR's Beyond Hell Tour. So going that day to Ozzfest i was expecting just another show....but it wasnt that at all. Maybe it was the fact it was my first time driving a long ways in Michigan (since im from Canada) and never really drove to an event a long ways, or maybe it was the long as line outside, or maybe it was the worry of missing Chthonic, but once i stepped through those gates all worries were gone. I will also point out i spent the whole day by myself, considering i couldnt find my friends who drove seperately (i drove my bros and there friends and they went off on there own), but here how it went

In This Moment:

They started off the day, and what a way to start off. If they were later in the day, i probably wouldnt of been into it asmuch, but they were exactly what was needed to start the day off. There twenty minute set was catchy and headbanged to it all.


this guys were up next and completely tore it up. It seem like the line up today was getting better and better as each band played cause up next was.....

3 Inches of Blood:

from the above review, it sounds like that was a bad day, cause this was a definite good day for them. I saw them last on the Cradle of Filth in February, and these guys just ripped so much. They had a much long set that night, but on this afternoon they completely amazed me. The new album sounded amazing, and also the absense of Hooper didnt affect the performance. If anything i felt it gave Cam Pipes more spotlight, without having to share as always which was cool. The highlight was as always Deadly Sinners....and there was headbanging galore for this. I was up real close for them, and it was as close as i would get to the second stage for the rest of the day.

no comment, as the old english saying goes...if you have nothing good to say dont say it

These guys were one of the main reasons i wanted to go to Ozzfest this year. I have always put bands like Nile, Cannibal Corpse, Vader on a pedestel because of the well knownness through out the metal community, and though these guys were amazing musically, and brutality, the show was in actuallity really only mediocre. Sarcophagus and Black Seeds of Vengeance were amazing, and i found my self singing the chorus to Black Seeds. I think it was mainly that there was just a bunch of people standing around, and the pits were not that huge. Very lackluster crowd for them. But it was really awesome when the lead singer asked us all to grunt, and this low dark eruption came from the audience. As the singer said "intense"

these guys were okay. im not a fan of metalcore, and these guys basically where just a typical version of that subgenre. i did enjoy the spanish influence when it was encorporated, but i just didnt like them as much as Nile, though they were much better than you know who (not Stryper silly)

when i saw these guys posted on the website i was like . Ever since i bought the Re-recorded version of Borgir's Stormblast, and watched the bonus dvd of them at Ozzfest, i was hoping to see a black metal band at Ozzfest. Knowing little about them before hand didnt matter i was pumped. And they beated all expectations i had for them. The energy was amazing, i was heavily into as were alot of people. a warm feeling came over me when they waved a custom made Taiwan flag, cause it made me think that these guys really stick true to what they believe in, and when there were USA chants it didnt matter, cause Freddy (the singer) kept waving it. i think there setlist was Indigenous Laceration, Unlimited Taiwan, maybe Bloody Gaya Fullfilled (dont take my word for that), and Quasi Putreficatoin. It was so fucking amazing. I would see these guys in London, Ontario a couple weeks later, and they ripped it there as well.

i was so glad they replaced Mondo Generator, but i wasnt into there performance much. this is probably mostly due to the amount of rednecks that were digging it, and me being a very anti-redneck type person, didnt enjoy that vibe. Though as i walked around the outskirts of there set i remember they played Before the Hangman's Noose, which kicked total arse....also the pit during Meet The Wretched was huge. I had hurt my leg during Goatwhore during SOTU, and knew i couldnt mosh hard, but this i had to get into this giant circle pit, and it was just crazy. you could hardly move there were so many people in it. though it was definately epic.

i had completely forgot about Behemoth until after Chthonic played. two black metal bands one Ozzfest....too my mind. and something completey different happened to what i thought would. a giant swarm of people were trying to get to the front during there set. a huge push pit as i call it (i know sounds like a regular mosh pit, but i reference this as people pushing to get to the front, and the closer you are, the harder it is to move). There set was intense. Not really listening to them before hand, the songs just radiated metal, and what metal is about, even though the songs arent about the glorification of metal what soever (ie. Manowar). Conquer All was just bloody brilliant.

as far as im concerned they didnt play (this being because i left before there set to see Lordi)

Black Tide:
amazing young band, with alot of talent, really catchy shit.

one word can describe this band: Epic! i was right by the rail at the bottom of the hill for this one, and though everyone around me (except for one girl, who im glad was there headbanging along and enjoying them), everyone else hated them. That didnt matter, i sang everyword to Bringing Back The Balls To Rock, and then all the words Kids Who Want To Play With The Dead, and than to Whos Your Daddy, and than all of Blood Red Sandman, and everything else. Deadite Girls Gone Wild and They Only Come Out At Night i didnt expect at all so i was happy they played those. pyro was fucking phenomenaul and suited the hard rock style of metal, and Amen did his little strut so many times that it made my day. Stage presence, how they played, Lordi screaming into the microphone like UDO, just like i do. Just so fucking amazing.

Static X:
this is when the infamous lawn fight happen when people started to throw chunks of sod at people...people actually got injured to. When the majority of it was happening, i was right at the side of the hill, eating my pork sandwich conclomertory thinger, and didnt realize it till i walked by the hill. some piles almost hit me, and some went in my pop...but i didnt give a shit, thats what metals about, and though i didnt take part in it, i enjoyed it, and the aftermath

Lamb of God: found my brothers for this one, and basically sat at the far side of the hill. they played an awfully long time, or it felt that way considering like hatebreed alot of there songs sounded the same. but they had some nice lighting.

Ozzy Osbourne: we were fortunately close on the hill for this. Great set. Bark At The Moon, Mr.Crowley, War Pigs, and I Dont Know where the highlights, we left during Crazy Train, so we could beat the crowd, which my friends told me later sucked. But we could hear Paranoid from the parking lot.

Overall, this was literally the great metal event i had ever been to. Just the atmosphere and mentality of it all was all there. Lordi and Chthonic were definately for me the highlights, and every other band except Showdown and Ankla were not real dissappointments (even Static and Lamb). Though....

At one point during the day, actually during Devildriver, i passed the legendary Ozzy, he was just enjoying himself, this random passage seem to me awkward, cause as others were shocked, i stayed calm, and it wasnt till afterwards was i like...i just passed Ozzy. Thats neat. Overall the day was a total of 10 Eddies. With Lordi and Chthonic each holding 9 Eddies strongly.

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