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Ozzy Osbourne -- Seattle, WA -- October 18th, 2007

I personally recorded the following setlists for this show. It is the first date on the new Ozzy solo tour. Rob Zombie opened. The show overall was very good, but Ozzy is much less mobile these days and his energy level is noticeably diminished from when I saw him last.

The most memorable moment of the show was when Zakk Wylde fell backwards and landed on his back during "I Don't Know". A bunch of techs and roadies swarmed in on him to help him out, but he just laid there on his back and continued playing. He literally played 3/4 of the song laying flat on his back at the left edge of the stage. He got a big applause when he finally got up.

Black Rain Tour
Key Arena, Seattle, WA
October 18, 2007

01. Sawdust in the Blood
02. American Witch
03. Demon Speeding
04. Living Dead Girl
05. More Human Than Human
06. Superbeast
07. House of 1,000 Corpses
08. Let It All Bleed Out
09. Never Gonna Stop
10. Thunder Kiss Ď65
11. The Devilís Rejects
12. Dragula

01. I Donít Wanna Stop
02. Crazy Train
03. Suicide Solution
04. Mr. Crowley
05. Not Going Away
06. Into The Void
07. Road To Nowhere
08. Fire in the Sky
09. Bark at the Moon
10. Guitar Solo (Z. Wylde)
11. I Donít Know
12. Here For You
13. I Donít Want to Change the World

14. Mama Iím Coming Home
15. Paranoid
16. Iron Man
17. Sweet Leaf
18. Children of the Grave
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