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Originally Posted by ADD View Post
I'll try to illuminate as much of the show as I can, due to some things that I shouldn't mention on a public message board clouding my memory a bit One of the most metal nights of my life for sure though, some damn good stories, oh well.

Anyhow I got 3 non-metal friends of mine to come with me to this local thrash show last night with CAGE headlining, they wanted to see what it was all about and of course get completely fucked up Without them though it wouldn't have been as tight so I'm really glad they came, and everyone had a great time despite one of my friends spraining his ankle in the pit, another getting a bloody nose from getting kicked by a stage diver, and the other puking all over the sidewalk
what is your obsession with puking being metal? I think that when I drink and don't throw up its a successful night, throwing up is such a buzz kill. other than that that sounds like a good night, I should have seen cage, they're badass, though I haven't heard this new cd of theirs
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