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Originally Posted by Human_Metal View Post

Axel Rudi Pell:
1. Talk of the Guns
2. Nasty Reputation
3. Pay The Price
4. Tear down the Walls
5. Medley: Masquerade Ball/ Casbah (first part)/ Smoking in the Hashbar/ Stargazer/ Casbah (second part)/ Eternal Prisoner
6. Between the Walls
7. Fool Fool
8. Wanted Man
9. Snakes Eyes
10. The Gates of the Seven Seals
11. Carousel
12. Fire on the Mountain
13. Call Her Princess
14. Warrior
Good to see another ARP fan around.

I'm gonna do one myself.

1.Fly to the Moon
2.Fool Fool
3.Livin a Lie
5.Rock the Nation
6.The Masquerade Ball
8.Nasty Reputation
11.Curse of the Damned
12.Turned to Stone
13.I Will Survive

Not that many songs, but a couple of those would be like 8 - 11 minutes long, so I figure it'd work out time-wise.
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