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I was gonna do a review under a new topic, but beings the set has been posted i'll just write a quick review,

This was my second dream theater experience, the first was at download festival earlier in the year. I've always been a fan, but never attended a headlining show before.
I was truely amazed witht there performance last night, i have got two Dream theater DVD's and they are amazing to watch, but live is whole other experience. Every member of the band is extremely talented individually, and when they just gel in a song, no other band compare. Numerous time changes and differently styles and melodies all co-oporating together is just mind-blowing. Me being a musician myself just makes me think to do they write and put this shit together?!?!?!

Anyway, the show was amazing, with viaual enhancements on the backdrop, and great light effects brought the show to life.

I can only crticise two things about the show,

As this was my first proper DT show, i did not kinda know what to expect, and one of them was the crowd....I'm used to heavy metal concerts, and dream theater do incorporate metallic elements in there music, and there was a huge lack of "movement" in the crowd, I think they were all just fanatised with the band playing there instruments....which is understanable, but i like to head-bang, mosh whatever. But due to lack of life from the crowd i was generally forced to clap my hands and throw my fists up now and again.

The other thing was the setlist.....
One of the things that i admire about dream theater is that they can just pop out any song during a set, and generally play a different set every night, only keeping about 5/6 songs throughout the tour.
I know that in previous shows they play for like three hours (without support act) and get through 15-20 odd songs. If they played for that amount of time, i feel they would played more songs to my liking. I missed the like of pull me under, another day, mettropolis, more songs from scene from a memory, endless sacrifice etc.

Altogether i was not disappointed with the setlist, blind faith, As I Am, strange deja vu and in the presence of enemies pt 1+2

After this DT experience i am even more of a fan and wish to sttend more shows.
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