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Originally Posted by zgodt View Post
I don't know, everyone? I can't think of a band I listened to in the 80s that hasn't gotten back together 20 years later and tried to rekindle the old magic/cashflow. (Well except for the few that I am continually astounded to learn never gave it up at all, like Dio and Helloween.)

But for one example off the top of my head:
Yeah, but I'm pretty confident Onslaught can still bring it live, which is the only thing that matters for the vast majority of these old bands anyways. They've ceased to be creatively vital, so they focus on the classic shit, nothing wrong with that. A few (Maiden, Motorhead, Exodus, some others) are still thankfully putting out amazing new stuff, but at least 75% of all band whose heyday came in the 80's haven't been doing much exciting stuff in recent years.
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