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Overture 1928
Strange Deja vu
Through my words
Fatal Tragedy
Beyond this life
Through her eyes
The Dance of Eternity
One last time
The Spirit Carries on
Finally free
In the presence of enemies (pt 1 + 2)
As I am
Pull me Under
Endless Sacrifice
Another Day

Probably the setlist i would like to hear the most. I cant wait to see dream theater this saturday in london. I love the new album, although looking at previous setlists for this tour dream theater aren't on for a very long time, they play like 9-11 songs, but i guess that does include "Schemeldy Wilcox". This is probably cos of symphony X supporting. But hopefully will be a good show. I hope they play a lot of stuff off of Images and Words and Metropolis: Scnenes from a memory!!!!
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