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I saw Van Halen last night in Philly and it was fucking awesome. I'm pretty sure that the setlist was the same as the one posted here, so I didn't bother making a new topic. The band had really good energy and it made the show very enjoyable. It looks as if Dave and Eddie are best of friends and that they haven't missed a beat. Wolfgang did ok on bass and he and Eddie covered the background vocals pretty well. Eddie was full of energy and was hopping all over the stage. Dave was also very energetic and did a really good job talking to the crowd and it looked like everyone was having a lot of fun on stage, especially Dave. I enjoyed Dave's little story and his comments here and there; he really is a great frontman. Vocally he was decent, not as good as in the 70s and 80s obviously, but still did a good job. It was all around a great show. The band played for a little over two hours, and the place was packed! The Wachovia Center is a pretty big sized area and it was very close to being sold out. Not many empty seats out there. All in all, great show, glad I went, I recommend it to anyone who was thinking about seeing it.
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