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Edguy -- San Francisco, CA -- September 29th, 2007

Been waiting to see Edguy for a really long time, as the last time they played SF two years it was at a 21+ club. This time they booked the show at the all-ages Slim's, so I made damn sure I would be there and bought tickets early (even though I don't think the show ended up selling out). Got to the venue a little earlier than expected, hung out while the PA was playing some SABBATH and ACCEPT with live PRIEST video on this projector that came out in front of the stage, kinda like the effect of having curtains. The first band up was ECHOES OF ETERNITY, I'd never listened to them before or (more importantly) had never seen a band photo either, so while I wasn't surprised that their sound was pretty generic goth/faux-progressive metal, I was shocked at how good looking their singer was. This chick is fine, almost too good looking in fact cuz I'm pretty suspicious of these guys' motives. None of them looked metal in the least, or even exuded any genuine sense of metalness, and to me it sounded like they were caught between trying to imitate NIGHTWISH while throwing in retarded DREAM THEATER faux-prog parts with metalcore breakdowns. Also taking into account the fact that they're from Los Angeles makes me chalk this one up to a bunch of music school grads trying to cash in on having a hot chick front the band. Her voice isn't even that good to boot. At least on there behalf I will say it wasn't annoying and they beat the other "Eternity" band tonight by lightyears.

Next band up was a group from my neighborhood called LIGHT THIS CITY. I had been eagerly anticipating seeing them almost as much as EDGUY because I went to middle school with the drummer and main songwriter Ben Murray and I still have those memories of him from 6th grade as a scary punk kid who no one wanted to hang around It makes me thrilled to see him and his band have such success, these guys and gal work their asses off touring and are really in it for the long haul, Ben even deferred Cal-Berkeley to keep touring and dedicating himself to LIGHT THIS CITY full-time. I regret not having gone to see them when they would play at the really little high school shows in our area back in the day, and so far they've been the only band out of many from the Peninsula scene who have achieved any kind of real success. I bought their album Facing The Thousand, released last year on Prosthetic Records, from a Best Buy store, if that's not getting somewhere I don't know what is Anyways I'm thrilled for them, and was both excited yet apprehensive about seeing them live; tonight could have really affirmed me as a fan or have bummed me out about them. Even in this day and age, the live show is still the ultimate 'make-or-break' point for bands.

And LIGHT THIS CITY made it in style. Right from the start it was easy to see that this is no kiddie band, they're tight like a well-oiled touring machine. The difference between them and ECHOES OF ETERNITY on stage was huge too; while I doubted the sincerity of the former band throughout their set, LIGHT THIS CITY absolutely ripped, headbanging and giving it 100%. It was awesome how into it they all were, especially frontwoman Laura Nichol. This is a real metal chick folks, running around, screaming and headbanging the whole time. She also gave a nice shout-out to her mom who was in attendance The interplay between the two guitarist was killer, and even if all they're doing is pretty much imitating AT THE GATES and ARCH ENEMY, at least that's actually what they sound like, not bullshit around and claim to be Gothenburg-inspired but really play shitty American metalcore like a bunch of bands do. Ben's drumming is fucking top-notch too, not only does he hold the band together excellently he also provides more than just the standard blasting by adding some clever little touches that I especially notice being a drummer too. The drumming live is much more interesting than on the record for sure. Best performance was probably "The Unwelcome Savior", which I think they did an extended version of, though I might be wrong, it just seemed longer than on the album version. Anyhow the crowd gave them a great response overall, even though no pit formed even when the band asked for it Great performance, bought a t-shirt to support them too Setlist: (not 100% in order but very close)

Cradle For A King
The Unwelcome Savior
Fear of Heights
The Eagle
Tracks of Decay
Like Every Song's Our Last
Facing The Thousand

I was prepared for INTO ETERNITY to suck, and suck they did. Really, really badly. Technical difficulties didn't help matters either, not to mention the lead singer's incessant blathering about weed. If you like so much then play some stoner metal dammit Anyways I honestly haven't disliked a performance like that in a long time, it was just plain bad all the way around. I think one song had a neat intro that sounded like a YES keyboard line played on guitar, the rest was crap. Random shit thrown together to try to sound 'prog', horrendous breakdowns, and some of the worst singing I've ever heard. I'm not talking about the growls either, I'm talking about the glass-shattering bitch-wail the lead singer would do from time to time. Worse than emo singing even. People really dug them though so whatever, I don't feel so bad ripping into them cuz apparently they do have fans.

Finally, after being kindly treated to some vintage IRON FUCKING MAIDEN over the PA and on the video screen, it was time for some real German metal, EDGUY. Tobias might be the best frontman I've ever seen, and that includes Bruce Dickinson even. He reminds me of David Lee Roth (young of course) so much for some reason, both with his looks and his overall stage persona, with the acrobatics and all the sheer enthusiasm. Anyone who has seen EDGUY knows that they are really an unparalleled live act, in terms of that there is seriously no band out there doing what they do. The fact that they could have easily fit probably 4 to 5 more songs in the set without Tobias and the band joking around is a moot point because that part of the show is actually almost more fun than when they are playing the songs. It's just so refreshing to see a band like this, pure heavy metal to the point that it's simultaneously both parody yet real. EDGUY are just a band that everyone needs to see live, plain and simple. As far as nitpicking the set, I'd say that the length actually didn't feel that short as I feared it would. However they definitely needed to put some faster songs in there, "Babylon" was the only fast tune of the set. The middle of the set started the lag a little, around the Drum solo-"Superheroes"-"Save Me" part, but 'lagging' is a relative term here because it was still more energetic than just about any other show I've been to. The crowd was awesome as well, didn't know what to expect but they were extremely into it, and very loud (more so than the band at times, I do wish the sound would have been a little better for them but I can't complain too much). Tobi and the whole band seemed genuinely appreciative and thankful of the audience, in a rare moment of seriousness mentioning how even though these crowds in the U.S. are much smaller than what they're used to in other parts of the world, they will continue to come back and play because of the honesty and the passion of the fans. Slims is a big step up from the DNA Lounge in terms of size too, so here's hoping next time they'll get an even bigger draw. This is a band that would just be perfect for arenas though, the showmanship and the music just seem tailor-made. They will definitely be back within 12 months though Tobi said, and bet your ass I'll be there Setlist:

1.) Catch of the Century
2.) Sacrifice
3.) Babylon
4.) first verse/chorus of The Trooper
5.) Lavatory Love Machine
6.) Tears of a Mandrake
7.) Vain Glory Opera
8.) Drum Solo
9.) Superheroes
10.) Save Me
11.) Fucking With Fire (Hair Force One)


12.) Avantasia
13.) King of Fools


EDIT: I should mention that while I've never liked the song much, "Lavatory Love Machine" live is fantastic

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