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Originally Posted by slave670 View Post
I missed Vains of Jenna, and I donít know any of CKY so I canít help you there.

This is by no way complete or in order. I am going straight of off memory.

Venue: Rams Head Live, Baltimore, MD. 9-24-07

War is All We Know
Murdererís Muse
War Party
Go to Hell
Horror of Yig
Immortal Corrupter
Saddam a Go-Go
Eighth Lock
Bring Back The Bomb

Cradle of Filth
Ebony Dressed For Sunset
Gilded Cunt
Dirge Inferno
Dusk and Her Embrace
Born in a Burial Gown
Tonight in Flames
From the Cradle to Enslave
Her Ghost in the Fog

Hope this Helps.
Thanks a million dude. I only wanted Gwars and COFs anyways.
But are you sure they didnt play Sick of You???? Thats my favorite song by them and they play it 99% of the time.
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