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Originally Posted by maidenpriest View Post
yeah i agree SX setlist would have sucked that night. they could have played a few more classics instead of having half the show from Paradise Lost (which is still a badass album) they didnt even play evolution. :'( im also not very impressed with DT setlist either. no metropolis or pull me under??
My thoughts exactly, was hoping to hear a bigger set from SX, which would have included Evolution and The Odyssey (well, the last one would have been a lottery win, considering they were an opening act)... And Metropolis would have been nice to hear from DT, but well, you can't always win.
Anyway, I think Systematic Chaos is an awesome album and it deserved its space in the set...

Great gig all the same, LaBrie had a classic eighties-heavy-moment... He was spreading his legs (Sounds perverted but I hope you know what I mean) to give the piece they were playing some attitude when his pants ripped open from the crotch! :P
His first reaction (as we saw it): "Is my wiener out in the open?"... When the next solo started he went backstage and came out with a towel taped around his waist!
As I said, great show, even without metropolis...

It seems the towel-incident has made it online...
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