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just back from Kamelot, same setlist as london and the bass player didnt break his leg, he dislocated his knee which is still just about as bad as breaking your leg but he still played tonight, sitting in a chair, he definatly had the respect of the crowd cuz eveybody was yelling for him at several points during the concert, kamelot proved to be one of the better live bands in metal, adagio was a very good support act, hung with the drummer and keyplayer after kamelot, they were very cool guys, they were a bit cranky cuz of technical difficulties during their gig though, still they ruled and I'm gonna buy one of their albums for sure, serenity, the other support band were very cool as well, very energetic, it was a hell of a night and I'm gonna go to bed now, reliving it in my dreams, Kamelot rules!!!
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