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Dream Theater -- Helsinki, Finland -- September 26th, 2007

Dream Theater "Chaos in motion" European fall tour opening show
Symphony X (Warmup act) "Paradise lost" European tour opening show

Symphony X:

- Intro (Oculus ex Inferni)
- Set The World On Fire (The Lie of Lies)
- Domination
- Serpent's Kiss
- Paradise Lost
- Sea of Lies
- Inferno (Unleash The Fire)

I knew SymphX was the opening act, but was kinda hoping they would have hit a slightly bigger set... This one lasted for 34 minutes, and it sounded like 32 of those minutes their mixer was asleep. Too bad... Anyway, Allen is still one badass vocalist.

Dream Theater:

- Intro: 2001 Space Odyssey
- In The Presence of Enemies Pt. 1
- In The Presence of Enemies Pt. 2
- Strange Deja Vu
- Blind Faith
- Surrounded
- Constant Motion
- The Dark Eternal Night
- Keyboard solo
- Lines In The Sand
- I Walk Beside You
- Take The Time
- The Ministry of Lost Souls

- Medley:
-- Trial of Tears
-- Finally Free
-- Learning to Live
-- In the Name of God
-- Octavarium (Razor's edge)

If SX didn't have all under control, you can guess DT did. Awesome show! It's funny that the main set's closing song, Ministry of lost souls didn't do much on the album, but here it worked like a charm... *Goosebumps from just thinking about it*... Great show, there's nothing more I can say.

Edit: Setlist for DT in Stockholm Sep 28th exactly the same (?!).

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