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Explosions In The Sky -- All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone

EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY- All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone (Temporary Resistance Limited)

One of the most well-known and highly regarded bands to emerge from the crowded post-rock scene, EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY come back with more of the same of what they've become known for with All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone. This Austin, Texas quartet have gained much more media and mainstream exposure than many of their peers playing this style of music that boils down to basically instrumental indie rock songs stretched out and built around intricate guitar melodies with a build/release formula. EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY deliver more of the same here, cementing the style more than reinventing it for sure. I've heard it done better, I've heard it done worse. This is really a take it or leave it kind of album, and for those who can't get enough of this particular sound there's nothing to complain about. For people who want more innovation and/or variety within the general post-rock theme I'd say to look elsewhere. All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone is an average instrumental rock album that can definitely pass you by unnoticed if you aren't paying attention while listening, even as background music. Going into detail about each song is pretty trivial for an album with as little overall personality as this. If you've heard GODSPEED! YOU BLACK EMPEROR, MOGWAI, RED SPAROWES, or countless others then you know exactly what to expect, only in my opinion the songs here are just not as strong as they could be. I'm not condemning it for being formulaic or anything, but I'm just not into the style enough to really dig something like this that's so pedestrian sounding. Get the new GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT instead.
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