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Firewind -- Reading, PA -- September 24th, 2007

Well I just got home from seeing Firewind on one of a couple off dates on their first ever North American tour and all I can say is wow. Fucking amazing show, probably one of the best I've seen in a long time, if not ever. I'll get into specifics later.
So, we got out the venue (The Silo) at about 5 PM, but not much was going on so we ran to get some food and got back a little before 6. We then bought our tickets from our friend Steve, guitarist of primary opening band, Beyond Fallen. We saw that there were a total of 5 opening bands and being that turnout was terribly dissapointing we just sat in the parking lot and talked with friends until almost 9 PM.
Beyond Fallen took the stage around 9, and played just over a 30 minute set. I was quite happy, as they did a song off their first full length album, and as a whole the guys sounded spot on and gave a great performance despite that Joe, their singer, told me they hadn't played together in about a month.
Beyond Fallen set list:
1.Blood on the Ice
2.Enemy of an Open Mind
3.Bomb Inside Your Head
4.Fields of Honor
6.The Rise of the Fallen

Changeover before Firewind was probably about 20 minutes, nothing too long. We managed to be front row and center despite sitting in the parking lot for almost 3 hours after doors. During their set there was probably at most 50 people watching, only about 30 of which were up front. It was very dissapointing yet not very suprising.
They took the stage around 10 and from the very beginning were fucking brilliant. The sound mix was excellent, as for once I could actually hear the vocals quite well, which were the pleasant surprise of the night. Henning Basse (Metalium) is filling in for this tour and I wasn't expecting much but he did a fucking great job with their material, and was very entertaining as a frontperson. Gus was rediculous as expected, and did a top notch job in regards to matching the soloing on the studio albums. Bob Katsionis was really really good, especially when he was playing guitar and keyboards at the same time, and well too. All in all, amazing show, like I mentioned earlier, one of the best shows I've been to in a long time, and probably ranks pretty high over all. After the show the band came and talked to the fans, which is always good, though my friend and I had met Bob and Gus before the show. All in all, amazing show, I'm really really glad I went, and now further expect them to make a mockery of Sonata Arctica in 8 days.

Firewind set list:
3.I Am the Anger
4.Destination Forever
5.Keyboard / Guitar Solo + Drum Solo
6.The Fire and the Fury
7.Till the End of Time
8.Brother's Keeper
9.Ready to Strike
10.Between Heaven and Hell
11.Falling to Pieces
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