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One correction...

One correction to the list, they played Eyes of A Stranger as their last tune of the regular set after Empire.

It was a great show, typical Queensryche precision and a lot of fun. Great venue as well. From front row center it looked like the sax that Geoff was playing during Welcome to Machine was sampled and he was faking it, but I'm not 100% sure. Wouldn't be the first time that they've sampled some stuff live...

My only complaint, and I know I'll be in the minority here, could they please give NM 156 and Screaming in Digital a break? They have been in every set list (except the OMC tour, obviously) for at least the last four tours. Give me anything off of Promised Land, how about En Force from the Warning, or Right Side of My Mind, Liquid Sky, or anything off of Q2K, which I personally believe is on of their best.

I agree that the covers were great and the overall setlist choices were great...
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