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Originally Posted by Fe Maiden View Post
That looks like that would have ben an excellent show to me!
It really was! I think it's interesting that last year I saw QR at the same venue, and it was the 2-set full production thing, and then this year, it's just them with a regular set... no fancy anything, just a backdrop. Just as kickass though... I'm glad the set isn't as mellow as the first show I saw from them this year (although "Real World" was a pretty cool treat.) The covers are really cool... I hope they bring out a few more live in the future. Geoff did pretty awesome on sax for "Welcome To The Machine."

Wilton was telling my friend and I that he wished they would've been able to play "Neon Knights" for the show, and he also said they probably won't be playing it for the H&H shows ("we don't want to get kicked off!") But after hearing how well done the two live covers were, I'm looking forward to hearing the whole album.
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