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Originally Posted by neilpeartjr. View Post
In all seriousness, I think I might want to give these guys a shot. Please reccomend me an album as well as what to expect sound wise.
I might even recommend Death Is This Communion, but Blessed Black Wings might have catchier songs, "catchy" in the sense it makes a more immediate impact initially overall. Get Blessed Black Wings first, or just sample tunes from their Myspace. Death Is This Communion is their most progressive release so its got elements the other albums don't, so I think checking out the songs on their page will give you a good idea what its all about in a general sense (they don't have any other songs really like "Khanrad's Wall" or "Cyclopean Scape" for example). Production-wise they've gotten cleaner over the years and style-wise they've gotten thrashier I think, while also more melodic. Still the drums have a really unique super heavy sound and obviously the guitar playing is 100% discernible as Matt Pike since his style is so distinct. The first two albums The Art Of Self Defense and Surrounded By Thieves are sludgier, doomier, and more stoner than Blessed Black Wings and Death Is This Communion. High On Fire are one of my favorite bands, dig it
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