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Epica -- Mokena, IL -- September 18th, 2007

Twas a good show, got backstage, I know the bassist filling in for VOA, so i was back there before the shows, both bands are EXTREMLY nice, and i almost well, made a mess in my pants when i met simone. first time being backstage too, so that dident help things

VOA set was the same as previously posted.

1. Indigo
2. Obessesive Devotion
3. Sensorium
4. Mother of Light
5. Beyond Belief
6. Menace of Vanity
7. Lying a Lie
8. Cry for the Moon
10. Safeguard to Paraside
11. Crystal Mountin (Death)
12. Seif Al Din
13. Facade of Reality
14. The Phantom Agony

15. Quientis
16. Cosign to Oblivion.

They really added alot of new songs to the set, but according to Epica, chicago is the first place they have ever played that has had a mosh pit for every song with distortion. I did ask a few of em to confirm(bands to lie) so it seems true. Good time, definitly a tour to check out if youve never seen either of em.
Never enough shows

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