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Alright, so here's my review of the rest of the show, the important part.

I don't remember exactly when Edguy came on, but I want to say somewhere around quarter of 10. I could be wrong.
So, as soon as the "Welcome to the Freak Show" intro started, my friend and I both had the same thought: Bad idea. We knew what was coming next and we knew the anticipation of the intro was far too great for it. Despite my liking of the song, Catch of the Century is shit opener. There really wasnt any great Rocket Ride material to open with, but this was just silly. Then again, they are too.
My first thought once they got going was that the sound was terrible. I was appalled at first. It did improve a little bit but for a lot of the show the only thing you could hear well was the drums and Jens' guitar, which seemed to be experience technical difficulties the majority of the show, both from tech problems and user error. I have to admit I was a bit upset at how sloppy everyone seemed to be save for the rhythm section. Jens particularly let me down, fudging up most of his leads and solos, even playing some wrong chords. I was concerned at times.
Tobi was in full joking form as usual, cracking many hilarious jokes throughout the evening, primarilly busting on Felix. They're the only band that seriously make you laugh as well as kick ass. The joking almost made up for all the wrongs of the set.
I saw the roadie put the set out at the beginning of their set and I saw that the main body of it was being closed with Fallen Angels, so I was thrilled... but then the moment came, and Tobi starts an introduction for the next song and I knew immediately it wasn't it. Turned out it was Fucking with Fire, the lamest substitution they could've made. Sure it's fun, but I'll take balls-out power/speed metal over joke rock'n'metal.
Much to our liking, they did add an additional song to the encore, which is good cause the setlist otherwise was just too short. Unfortunately it was not one of my top picks for something that couldve been added. Regardless, any addition is a good addition.
My friend and I both got a pick from Jens, our friend got a set list, another friend got a drum stick, and another friend got thrown out for protecting his girlfriend from an obnoxious crowdsurfer, and his girlfriend wound up going backstage after the show. Good stuff.

Edguy set list:
1.Catch of the Century
4.Lavatory Love Machine
5.Tears of a Mandrake
6.Vain Glory Opera
7.Drum Solo
9.Save Me
10.Fucking With Fire
13.King of Fools
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