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Edguy -- New York, NY -- September 16th, 2007

Last night was my third time seeing Edguy, all 3 times have been at BB King's in New York City and have spanned over the course of 3 years and 2 days exactly.
My friend and I were so excited for this show. The anticipation was rediculous. Not only did we actually pay the extra money for the BB Kings VIP tickets, we got into the city just after noon and waited over 5 hours outside before doors. The payoff however was well worth it. Once in the city we met up with our friend Mike, and also some other people, including a very cool kid named Phillipe. The 4 of us spent a good deal of time talking, actually making the time pass pretty easily. Edguy's tour bus was parked right in front of the venue until about 2 hours before doors. Early in the day my friend and I ran into Dirk and Jens in McDonald's, but we didn't stay long, not wanting to disturb them. Later on, the band all came off their tour bus, and said they were going to take some pictures. (no doubt footage and pictures for next album or DVD). They returned as promised afterwards and signed all of our booklets and took pictures with us all. I think they felt obligated because the couple of us had been there so rediculously long. They're such cool guys, I believe it was Dirk who said to us: "This is what makes us want to keep coming here". So, later on more friends of ours arrived and doors opened fairly timely at 6:15.
The show itself started just about on time at about 7 PM, Echoes of Eternity being the first band. I'm not a big fan, but I didn't mind seeing them live for a second time, which may or may not be because their singer is rediculously hot. But that's neither here nor there. Not bad, not a fan.
Second band was Light this City. Oh dear. They may have now taken my coveted award for the worst signed band I've ever seen live. Words can't described how much I hated this band. After their first or second song, I let out an obnoxious "BOOO!" followed by some other derogatory comment I can't remember. Apparently their drummer was quite angry, even attempting to spit on me from behind his kit. Despite what he may think, spitting at me won't make them suck any less.
Third band was the now infamous Into Eternity. I've now seen them 4 times, and I don't even like them. They just have a habbit of opening for bands I like. I have to admit, despite not wanting to hear them, they really were not as bad as the previous times I had seen them. Some of the songs actually seemed to have redeemable qualities to them. However, I assumed they would be playing a 30 minute set as the other two openers, but their set was easily 45 minutes, much to my disliking.
Sorry to leave you hanging, but I've got to go for now, so I'll be back later in the day to finish this review and discuss Edguy's performance and set list.

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