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I've got to say something. I understand people are upset over the absence of a couple of songs (particularly Land of the Miracle or Out of Control, because they're great songs and staples.) But I don't appreciate when people bash bands for not including songs that they don't normally play. I understand that people want to hear The Piper Never Dies (its my favorite song of theirs) but it has never been a staple of their set. It was only ever a regular on the original Hellfire Club Tour and was played sporatically in Europe on the early Rocket Ride tour. But don't bash this tour's set just because it's not there because if you have logical reasoning at all, you wouldn't have expected it to be there in the first place. Same for a lot of other songs. They've never been a very creative band set list wise, nor are most bands, yet everyone loves to whine and complain because such and such doesn't play a creative set when in fact very few bands ever do.
And lastly, this set list is not quite as short as people make it out to be. Especially for them. The average headlining Edguy set has never been more than like 14 songs and a drum solo, so being that this tour is 12 + a solo, it's not that rediculous.

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