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They left a lot to be desired. They fucking played next to nothing from their old albums compared to how much new shit they played. And since they took like a fucking hour to come onstage, I had to leave before the encore, so I missed the ONLY song they played from Slowly We Rot. What the fuck. And didn't they turn Chopped In Half and Turned Inside Out into a medley? I might be mistaken, but that pissed me off.

Regardless, though, they were pretty brutal.

Oh and their merch was terrible too. I was considering buying a Slowly We Rot shirt if there was one, but there wasn't. The only interesting one was the Cause of Death shirt with the tour dates on the back. The rest were just like... variations on the new album cover (which I really don't like). The one with their logo on top of a Confederate flag was a nice touch.

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