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Well I'm gonna do Savatage as expected, but I'm gonna start with the Hall of the Mountain King tour onward.

Hall of the Mountain King

1.24 Hours Ago
2.Fight For the Rock
4.Strange Wings
5.Beyond the Doors of the Dark
6.Fountain of Youth
7.City Beneath the Surface
8.White Witch
10.In the Dream
11.Guitar Solo / Prelude to Madness
12.Hall of the Mountain King
13.Dungeons are Calling
14.Power of the Night

Gutter Ballet
1.The Unholy
2.Of Rage and War
3.24 Hours Ago
4.Gutter Ballet
5.City Beneath the Surface
6.Temptation Revelation
7.When the Crowds are Gone
8.In the Dream
9.Summer's Rain
10.Strange Wings
11.Mentally Yours
12.Guitar Solo / Prelude to Madness
13.Hall of the Mountain King
14.Dungeons are Calling
15.Power of the Night

1.Gutter Ballet
3.Jesus Saves
4.Tonight He Grins Again
5.A Little too Far
6.When the Crowds are Gone
7.You're Alive
8.Sammy and Tex
9.St. Patrick's
10.Can You Hear Me Now
11.New York City Don't Mean Nothing
12.Ghost in the Ruins
13.If I Go Away
14.Heal My Soul
15.Somewhere In Time
17.The Unholy
18.The Dungeons are Calling
19.Hall of the Mountain King
20.Power of the Night

Edge of Thorns
1.Lights Out
2.Edge of Thorns
3.Jesus Saves
4.Strange Wings
6.Tonight He Grins Again
7.New York City Don't Mean Nothing
8.Ghost in the Ruins
9.All That I Bleed
10.If I Go Away
11.Follow Me
12.When the Crowds are Gone
13.Heal My Soul
14.Somewhere In Time
16.Miles Away
17.Gutter Ballet
18.Hall of the Mountain King
19.Power of the Night

Handful of Rain
1.Taunting Cobras
2.Edge of Thorns
4.Strange Wings
5.Tonight He Grins Again
6.New York City Don't Mean Nothing
7.Stare Into the Sun
9.Ghost in the Ruins
10.Watching You Fall
11.Castles Burning
12.Follow Me
13.Handful of Rain
14.Miles Away
15.Alone You Breathe
16.Somewhere In Time
18.Gutter Ballet
19.Hall of the Mountain King
20.Power of the Night

Dead Winter Dead
1.Overture / Sarajevo
2.This Is the Time
3.This Isn't What We Meant
4.Memory / Dead Winter Dead
5.One Child
6.Christmas Eve / Sarajevo
7.Not What You See
8.Edge of Thorns
9.Strange Wings
10.Tonight He Grins Again
11.New York City Don't Mean Nothing
12.Stare Into the Sun
14.Ghost in the Ruins
16.Miles Away
17.Gutter Ballet
18.Gutter Ballet
19.Somewhere In time

Wake of Magellan
Intro: The Ocean
2.Turns to Me
3.Morning Sun
4.Another Way
5.The Wake of Magellan
7.The Hourglass
8.This Is the Time
9.Edge of Thorns
10.Strange Wings
11.Tonight He Grins Again
12.New York City Don't Mean Nothing
13.Stare Into the Sun
14.One Child
15.Follow Me
16.Not What You See
17.Miles Away
18.Alone You Breathe
19.Gutter Ballet
20.Somewhere In Time

Poets and Madmen
1.Stay With Me a While
3.The Morphine Child
5.Back to a Reason
6.Turns to Me
7.Edge of Thorns
8.Strange Wings
9.Tonight He Grins Again
10.New York City Don't Mean Nothing
11.Ghost in the Ruins
12.The Wake of Magellan
13.One Child
15.The Hourglass
16.Handful of Rain
17.Miles Away
18.Gutter Ballet
Encore 1:
19.Alone You Breathe
Encore 2:
21.Hall of the Mountain King
22.Power of the Night

And of course, how could I forget, the 25th Anniversary Tour! (Supposed to happen next year as far as I know)

1.Edge of Thorns
2.Strange Wings
3.Tonight He Grins Again
4.New York City Don't Mean Nothing
5.Stare Into the Sun
8.The Wake of Magellan
9.One Child
10.The Morphine Child
11.All That I Bleed
12.Ghost in the Ruins
---- intermission -----
13.Turns to Me
14.This is the Time
15.St. Patricks
16.The Hourglass
17.Back to a Reason
18.When the Crowds are Gone
19.Follow Me
20.Summer's Rain
21.Not What You See
22.Miles Away
Encore 1:
23.The Dungeons are Calling
24.Hall of the Mountain King
25.Power of the Night
Encore 2:
26.Alone You Breathe
27.Heal My Soul
28.Somewhere In Time
30.Gutter Ballet

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