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Originally Posted by Div View Post
I don't see what's so great about the Stones either. Just because they're a household name everyone thinks that makes them good. Anytime I ask someone they just say "because theyre the stonnnnnnnnnnnnes maaaaaaan".

Hell, one time I was in a store with my friend and they had the stones playing and all it was was a guy going "whoo whoo" over and over. I say "this music is so annoying" and some random teenager in a plad shirt and suspenders goes "hey you watch your mouth thats the rolling stones!" and then my friend who doesnt even listen to music goes "omg you dont like the rolling stones!?"

You should think about the Rolling Stones in the context of their times -- the British Invasion -- rather than the Rolling Bones they are now. That's what makes them a big deal.

That said, I don't really give a shit about them either.
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