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Obituary -- New York, NY -- September 12th, 2007

Find The Arise
Face Your God
Chopped In Half
Turned Inside Out
Cause Of Death
Threatening Skies
By The Light
Lasting Presence
On The Floor
Black Inside
Evil Ways
Drop Dead
Contrast The Dead
Stand Alone
Slow Death
Second Chance
Slowly We Rot

Man, Obituary rules. They played for almost an hour and half, no breaks except for a drum solo between Slow Death and Second Chance. The new material was great live, it definitely fit in with their older stuff. Overall it was an amazing show, but I would have liked more material from Slowly We Rot played.
10/17 - Overkill
10/18 - Razor, Blood Feast
10/20 - Soilwork, Decapitated
11/3 - Blind Guardian, Grave Digger
11/5 - Judas Priest, Mastodon
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